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Useful Links

Teachers' useful links
WJEC is a leading UK awarding body providing examinations throughout England and Wales. Alongside assessment, they offer professional development and educational resources for teachers. Past papers and a lot of advice and resources can be found on the website.

This is part of WJEC -  the new brand from WJEC, offering reformed qualifications to all schools and colleges in England.

Renowned Psychology author Cara Flanagan's home page with advice, articles and a link to her fantastic student conferences!

Website for teachers to share advice and resources for all subjects including Psychology, run by the amazing Jamie Davies.
AQA is the largest provider of academic qualifications taught in schools and colleges. The Psychology for A Level and AS page has the specification and information about teaching from September 2015.
OCR is a leading UK awarding body.  Their Psychology page has information on the specification for teaching from September 2015.
The Rhannu website has been developed to enable teachers in Wales to share materials. Rhannu is funded by the Welsh Assembly Government and is supported by NGfL Cymru.
The National Grid for Learning Cymru (NGfL Cymru) is managed by WJEC on behalf of the Welsh Assembly Government. It has a library of interactive resources for teachers and learners at all levels.
Teaching resources and education news and blogs for teachers to share
Part of the Guardian website, providing resources, blogs, advice and articles for teachers.
The Association for Science Education is a community of teachers, technicians, and other professionals supporting science education and is the largest subject association in the UK.
Royal Society of Chemistry – it provides education resources for teachers and students
Institute of Physics – it provides education resources for teachers and other useful information for Physics teachers.
British Sociological Association, (formerly known as ATSS) is a voluntary group of teachers who have joined together to further the interests of sociology teaching in secondary schools and sixth form colleges. There are resources and advice on the website.

Students' useful links
Lots of student forums, articles on revision tips for exams as well as advice on choosing universities
Part of the Guardian website, providing advice, tips and blogs for students planning to go to university.
The organisation responsible for managing applications to higher education courses in the UK