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AQA Psychology for GCSE, A Level and AS

Student Books        Digital Book Bundles        Revision Guides & Apps

A leading range of schemes for AQA Psychology with text, digital and mobile resources to support you in delivering these new courses.

  • Written by renowned author Cara Flanagan and a highly experienced author team you can trust
  • Year 1 & AS and A Level Year 2 Student Books are approved by AQA
  • GCSE Student Book entered into the AQA approval process

Student Books and Digital Book Bundles

Written by Cara Flanagan and a team of leading psychology authors, our range of Student Books and web-based Digital Books will support and reassure you as you plan for and deliver these new courses.

Student Books

Our printed Student Books have been designed to be the most motivating and student-friendly resources available

  • Engaging visual style to help students engage with the information
  • Practical research activities help develop research methods skills
  • Exam practice and skills guidance along with support for the mathematics requirements
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Digital Book Bundles

Simple to use. No subscription. Access them anywhere

To accompany our textbooks, our Digital Books are unique web-based resources that provide a host of additional features and ‘ready-to-run’ resources all linked to the Student Book pages.

Our Digital Books are presented in a ‘Bundle’, which comprises a Student Digital Book and a Teacher Digital Book

The Student Digital Book is a digital version of the textbook, hosted on a website, which can be accessed anywhere. It provides special 'hot spot' features linked to every spread in the book, enhancing understanding and use of the student book.

The Teacher Digital Book provides you with all the content and functionality of the Student Digital Book, plus a host of 'ready-to-run' resources (with supporting teacher notes) for planning and teaching these topics.

The Digital Book Bundle is so easy to use:

  • It is a website-based resource, so it's as easy to use as navigating your way around a website
  • The Bundle is a one-off price - no subscription or ongoing payment needed!
  • The Bundle can be used by all the psychology students and all your teaching colleagues at your school/college

An introduction to the Digital Book Bundle:    

Simple to use. No subscription. Access it anywhere

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How to order

Click on the covers below for full details of each title, to order an evaluation copy or to place a firm order:

Order an Evaluation Copy of AQA Psychology for GCSE and we’ll email you a FREE sample chapter in February 2017

Student Book

Price: £23.99

Due May 2017

Digital Book Bundle

Price: £420 (£350+VAT)

Due May 2017, Free trial available May 2017

Student Book

Price: £24.99

Digital Book Bundle

Price: £360 (£300+VAT)

Student Book

Price: £28.99

Digital Book Bundle

Price: £480 (£400+VAT)

Revision Guides and Apps

Used in combination the Revision Guide and Revision App will boost revision into the stratosphere!

The portable-sized Revision Guide is ideal for consolidating knowledge both at home for revision, and at school as a lesson-by-lesson summary as the course progresses.

  • Each topic is covered on one spread, with Description (AO1) on the left and Evaluation (AO3) on the right
  • Exam-style questions, including AO2 application questions, are on every spread providing lots of practice
  • Detailed exam advice section is included, with hints and tips offered throughout the book
  • Lots of illustrations and the odd corny joke help make it very user-friendly!

The Revision App* is ideal for revision on the go. The content mirrors the Revision Guide but this app has special features:

  • Flash cards summarising all the essential knowledge
  • Drill deeper for detailed revision notes and exam advice
  • Quizzes and challenges test and reinforce knowledge and understanding
  • Web links take you to useful web pages and films
  • Exam-style questions help support study and exam practice
  • Definitions for key terms can be accessed as your students read the content

How to order

Click on the covers below for full details of each title, to order an evaluation copy or to place a firm order:

Revision Guide

Price: £11.99

Due Spring 2018

Revision Guide

Price: £13.99

Revision Guide

Price: £16.99

Download Knowledge Check Answers for the AQA Psychology A Level Year 1 & AS Revision Guide.

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AQA Psychology for A Level Year 1 & AS

Price: £5.99

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AQA Psychology for A Level Year 2

Price: £6.99

coming early 2017

* For IOS and Android. App available for A Level Year 1 & AS and A Level Year 2 only (App not available for GCSE)