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WJEC and Eduqas GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition

Food and Nutrition


Student Books              Digital Book Bundles              Revision Guides


Exciting resources for the new qualifications! Our range of print and digital resources provides everything you need for the WJEC and Eduqas GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition course.

  • Resources written by a highly-experienced author team
  • Student Books endorsed by WJEC and Eduqas, offering high quality support you can trust
  • Support materials include custom-made films and animations demonstrating key cooking skills and explaining difficult scientific concepts


Student Books


Eduqas Student Book

Endorsed by WJEC and Eduqas

Content presented in a stunning and imaginative style to help students of all abilities engage with the content

Activities and questions throughout to help reinforce learning, including opportunities for stretch and challenge

Non-Examined Assessment tasks are supported with a section providing clear guidance on assessment criteria, ways to approach the tasks and exemplar portfolio material


WJEC Student Book


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Digital Book Bundles

Simple to use. No subscription. Access it anywhere

Enhance your teaching and deliver creative and engaging lessons with our custom-made digital resources

To accompany the textbooks, our Digital Books are a unique web-based resource that provide a host of additional features and 'ready-to-run' teaching resources all linked to the Student Book pages.

Our Digital Books are presented in a 'Bundle', which comprises a Student Digital Book and a Teacher Digital Book


Student Digital Book


Designed to be used alongside the textbook, the Student Digital Book really enhances learning and can be accessed wherever your students are online

It provides a wide range of custom-made materials and resources, created especially for the qualification, accessed via special 'hotspots' on the page, including:

  • films of all the key cooking techniques and skills
  • animations explaining difficult scientific concepts
  • interactive quizzes to test and reinforce knowledge


Teacher Digital Book


The Teacher Digital Book provides you with all the content and functionality of the Student Digital Book, plus a host of 'ready-to-run' resources created especially for the course, including:

  • additional 'teacher-tested' recipes in printable A4 format that work within a standard-length lesson
  • step-by-steps from the films ready to print
  • engaging activities in pdf format
  • numerous practice questions and a suggested Scheme of Learning


A sample of the Digital Book Bundle:



20 newly created films, just like this sample, are available in the student digital book covering cooking skills and processes. Created and filmed specially for this new qualification, related science animations are flagged and key terms highlighted throughout. Printable step-by-steps of these skills and processes are available via the teacher digital book.


Linked to the films are 20 animations which explain relevant scientific aspects of cooking processes in a very accessible way. They can be watched independently or in conjunction with the films.

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Revision Guides


Eduqas Revision Guide

An invaluable aid for helping students consolidate knowledge both at home for revision, and at school as a topic-by-topic summary as the course progresses

Information is presented in a colourful and highly visual way, with numerous photos and diagrams used to explain key concepts

Provides the essential underpinning knowledge students will need to recap and revise this new course

Click on the sample pages button to view.




WJEC Revision Guide


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For more detailed information on all these resources please visit the Food Preparation and Nutrition subject page.