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Eduqas Biology for A Level Yr 2: Student Book

Author(s): Dr Marianne Izen

awarding body: Eduqas

level: A Level Year 2

isbn: 978-1-908682-63-5

subject: Biology



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Written by an experienced examiner and teacher for Biology A Level

Changes to content within topics and levels of required knowledge for the new spec are clearly defined

Thorough support for the new assessment objectives is provided with clear explanations of the new assessment weightings

'Going further' and 'Study points' provide support and challenge for higher and lower ability students

Exam support sections introduce students to exam-style practice questions, new assessment objectives and guide students on the skills they need for assessment

Practical requirements for the exam are highlighted on a topic by topic basis, as well as extra support in a dedicated practical section within the book



Introduction to AS and A Level Biology

Specification Map

Practical Biology

Component 1:

Chemical elements and biological compounds

Cell structure and organisation

Cell membranes and transport

Biological reactions are regulated by enzymes

Nucleic acids and their function

Cell cycle and cell division

Component 2:

Organisms and evolutionary history

Adaptations for gas exchange

Adaptations for transport in animals

Adaptations for transport in plants

Adaptations for nutrition

Exam practice questions


About the author:

Dr Marianne Izen has over thirty years' experience as an A Level Biology teacher and examiner and has provided science teacher training for schools across the UK.  Before teaching, in universities in both the UK and the USA, Marianne conducted research on plant cells and published papers on their behaviour in tissue culture.  She is a principal examiner for a major awarding body.